Leaders in Food – Podcast

GrwNxt founder & CEO prof. dr. Annemieke Roobeek was invited to participate in the podcast Leaders in Food. This Dutch language podcast, led by Joan Zijerveld, spotlights leaders in food. In this podcast Annemieke Roobeek was asked why a radical change is needed, to showcase the future-proof GrwNxt concept and to dive deeper into the vision she has on the future of food.

Personalized Food with GrwNxt DDR™

According to an article by the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences of the University of Utrecht, food components can have a surprisingly similar effect as certain medicines. At GrwNxt, we optimize functional food components in premium, specialty crops using Dynamic Digital Recipes (DDR™). With our DDR™ we can fine-tune patient diets to help improve the recovery process. Depending on patients’ needs, a DDR™ can be applied to increase (plant-based) protein, vitamin c or other desired functional food components. Using deep learning technology for proven nutritious and tasty fresh greens in hyper-local and circular modules, GrwNxt can provide healthy food as medicine.

Making the Sustainable choice

Is the boardroom ready for responsible decision making? Making the sustainable choice often isn’t easy. The perceived and dreaded impact on profits too often unjustly halts sustainable choices even being considered.

The new book Responsible Business Decision Making offers a framework supported by Data and Dialogue to simulate the effects of decisions. It does so incorporating not just effects on Profits, but on People and our Planet as well. The ability to run different scenario’s allows responsible decision makers to include this broader perspective, without losing sight of profitability.

Read the full article and order the book via KoganPage.

AI for the Future of Fresh Food

GrwNxt is a deep technology start-up using AI and machine learning to develop unique digital recipes for growing highly nutritious fresh food. With AI we can create ideal circumstances for plants in remotely controlled GrwNxt growth modules.

AI is a game-changer for breakthroughs in the growing process. It enables ultra-precise digital recipes to unleash healthy food components such as vitamins, minerals and proteins. The application of deep learning technology shortens the development time needed for growth recipes without GMO or any infringement of seeds. AI is a valuable enabling technique to stimulate nature in growing healthy, nutritious fresh food.

GrwNxt is an award winning company. As one of the first, we were the 2020 winner of the XPrize Future of Food Breakthrough Track at the AI for Good Global Summit, sponsored by the United Nations. In the past years we won important research grants for the development of AI-led Dynamic Digital Recipes (DDR™), for Neuro-Robotics and Image Recognition for Ultra-Precision Growing of Food Components.

GrwNxt works on a sustainable way forward with AI to bring the Future of Fresh Food nearby.

Join us in the journey!

GrwNxt Research Report

The ‘D’ of Dynamics in DDR™ unraveled for Growing as a Service

GrwNxt is proud to present out newest research report, highlighting the unique Dynamics at the core of our innovative work: creating Dynamic Digital Recipes (DDR™) with deep learning technologies and the latest insights in plant physiology.

This revolutionary approach is applied to optimize the healthy functional food components in crops that grow inside the GrwNxt Module. Healthy food starts with healthy content: vitamins, proteins, vitamins and taste. Thanks to our deep learning technologies we can incorporate dynamics in the growing process to optimize nutritional values. Unlike greenhouses and vertical farms we can restrict resource usage and do not need transport or storage, contributing to CO2-saving.

GrwNxt is different: it’s the Real New Thing

Vertical farming companies have absorbed huge investments in the past few years. However, due to an increase of costs for energy and distribution, these large scale vertical farms are facing serious difficulties in today’s market. A change of strategy, winding down activities including costly layoffs are the result of their own over-optimistic promise.

Although painful for many stakeholders involved, at GrwNxt we are not surprised about the downturn of these vertical farms, or ’stapled greenhouses with warehouse technology’.

Our approach is different, much more sustainable and does not require hundreds of millions of venture capital.

GrwNxt focus is deep technology for superior, tasty plant varieties with high levels of proteins, vitamins and minerals at hyper-local compact GrwNxt modules with low energy use. We merge plant science with AI, Machine Learning and monitoring techniques for tailored DDR™ (dynamic digital recipes) for high quality greens. 

GrwNxt is welcoming sustainable investors. We are currently raising Euro 3 million for the implementation of already committed launching customers with incredible brands.


Contact us at annemieke.roobeek@grwnxt.com.

Building Milestones

GrwNxt is Building Milestones for the Real New Thing. As a disruptive deep learning company, GrwNxt is proud to present our newest Research Report. Focusing on Dynamic Imaging technology and Sensors GrwNxt is building milestones and showing it’s unique process of ultra-precision growing.

By leveraging in depth knowledge of the growing process through our Dynamic Digital Recipes™ GrwNxt is taking Nutritious Fresh Food to the next level. Using our DDR™, the growing conditions will optimize in order to let crops flourish and take in as many functional food components like vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibers as possible.

Applying our DDR™ technology in remote controlled, on-site growth modules enables us to live our motto: Nurturing Natural Nutrition.

Strategies for Societal Impact of Research

At GrwNxt we do research with societal impact. Deep learning technologies combined with plant science lead to a DDR™, dynamic digital recipe, for plants with higher amounts of protein, vitamins and useful minerals. Healthy diets start with focus on nutritious food components. Forget about bio-mass only: GrwNxt goes for radical innovation for a food revolution.
We were invited to present Strategies for Societal Impact of Research at the Impact Event of the Topsector Horticulture and Starting Materials at the World Horti Center (WHC) in Naaldwijk, 28 October 2021.

GrwNxt – Link Magazine

Recently Link Magazine published an article about GrwNxt. The article outlines why our current fresh food production system needs re-thinking, and describes in a comprehensive way how GrwNxt differentiates by taking an innovative, holistic approach towards ‘The Real New Thing’.

Read the article.

Webcast: Feeding Megacities With AI Grown Food, The Future…

For the webcast The Brand Called You (TBCY) Prof. dr. Annemieke Roobeek engaged in a conversation with Frits Bussemaker. See the webcast. 

TBCY engages in conversations with global leaders in sustainability to share their vision and explain how they are contributing to mitigating the adverse effects of climate change. This conversation centers around the fourth industrial revolution, leadership, innovation and the application of AI for Good at GrwNxt.