GrwNxt Research Gallery

February 2024
With AI we are able to succesfully predict healthy functional food components (FFC) in crops. We used advanced hyperspectral imaging technologies in combination with large-scale empirical testing as outlined in our latest report Hyperspectral Imaging Technology and AI for non-invasive detection and prediction of Functional Food Components. The resulting large dataset enables us to jump to an incredible increase and optimization of DDR™.

February 2023
GrwNxt is highlighting the unique Dynamics at the core of our innovative work in our latest publication The ‘D’ of Dynamics in DDR™ unraveled for Growing as a Service.
This revolutionary approach is applied to optimize the healthy functional food components in crops that grow inside the GrwNxt Module. Healthy food starts with healthy content: vitamins, proteins, vitamins and taste. Thanks to our deep learning technologies we can incorporate dynamics in the growing process to optimize nutritional values. Unlike greenhouses and vertical farms we can restrict resource usage and do not need transport or storage, contributing to CO2-saving.

March 2022
GrwNxt is Building Milestones for the Real New Thing. As a disruptive deep learning company, GrwNxt is proud to present our newest Research Report. Focusing on Dynamic Imaging technology and Sensors GrwNxt is building milestones and showing it’s unique process of ultra-precision growing.
Applying our DDR™ technology in remote controlled, on-site growth modules enables us to live our motto: Nurturing Natural Nutrition.

August 2021
A book of pictures says more than a thousand words. Therefor, GrwNxt has created a photobook of impressions of the GrwNxt Modulein different on-site locations. The GrwNxt Module has a modular, sustainable and reusable construction.
We put the GrwNxt Module in the spotlight because it is an attraction in itself. Any high-end hotel, hospital, airport, campus, or office-building with high-care for sustainability and a healthy diet can shine with a GrwNxt Module. You practice what you preach.

August 2021
GrwNxt published The Real New Thing: Deep Learning & Plant Science for DDR™ in Indoor Fresh Food Production. In this research we tested the application of deep learning technologies (AI, ML, IR) in combination with plant science to develop Dynamic Digital Recipes (DDR™) for a series of crops. The aim of this research is to find and leverage novel ways to optimize the amount of food components (vitamins, proteins and minerals) in fresh greens to stimulate a healthy diet for millions of people.

April 2020
GrwNxt has published a research report on The New New Thing in Indoor Fresh Food Production in Megacities. This publication includes multiple feasibility reports and deep dives into the GrwNxt concept, adressable markets and the preliminary effects of covid-19 on global food systems.

For an overview of the deep dives and the possibility to request certain publications, visit the New New Thing page