GrwNxt winner Xprize Summit

GrwNxt is a start up Food Tech company based in Amsterdam. We are proud to be one of the three winners of the Future of Food Breakthrough Track at the 2020 AI for Good Global Summit, September 2020.

We would like to thank XPRIZE, ITU and the wider AI for Good community for all the dedication and support to make GrwNxt better, smarter and more impactful for business and society at large. As GrwNxt, we deliver solutions for Food Safety, Food Security and Food Sustainability, which are key challenges in Megacities, thus serving a large percentage of society.

We work on breakthrough innovations with artificial intelligence to give Power to the Plants by developing dynamic digital recipes (DDR’s) for crops. Our focus is on producing high quality fresh food in semi-autonomous GrwNxt modules for the B2B market in Megacities and metropolitan areas.

GrwNxt welcomes talent, investors and officials from municipalities to co-create a jump to the next level Food Tech with AI. We want to contribute to a healthy diet for all.
The market in megacities is rapidly growing. More than 33 megacities and hundreds of metropolitan areas have an increasing middle class. People want to live healthy, but there is not enough supply of pesticide free, nutritious fresh produce.

With GrwNxt modules we deliver care-free, digital veggie gardens with our own, dedicated on-site experts, who we call Freshineers. GrwNxt is a scalable, modular concept that can be embedded and integrated in different places in existing buildings. Think about hotels, campuses, commercial and residential real-estate, and in communities. GrwNxt stands for Growing as a Service. All services are provided via the cloud and our on-site Freshineers assist the client. All necessary knowledge is 24/7 available, just a fingertip away. Sustainable fresh food at no distance from seed to fork for healthy diets. Join GrwNxt in this great journey!