Keynote for Plantum at Floriade 2022

Today prof. dr. Annemieke Roobeek is the keynote speaker for Plantum at their event at Floriade 2022. Plantum is the Dutch trade association for seeds and seedlings. Roobeek is recognized as a thought leader and visionary for innovation, technology and next generation crop production.


Building Milestones

GrwNxt is Building Milestones for the Real New Thing. As a disruptive deep learning company, GrwNxt is proud to present our newest Research Report. Focusing on Dynamic Imaging technology and Sensors GrwNxt is building milestones and showing it’s unique process of ultra-precision growing.

By leveraging in depth knowledge of the growing process through our Dynamic Digital Recipes™ GrwNxt is taking Nutritious Fresh Food to the next level. Using our DDR™, the growing conditions will optimize in order to let crops flourish and take in as many functional food components like vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibers as possible.

Applying our DDR™ technology in remote controlled, on-site growth modules enables us to live our motto: Nurturing Natural Nutrition.


Google Food Lab

As a member of the Google Food Lab, GrwNxt Founder and CEO prof. dr. Annemieke Roobeek was interviewed to highlight what GrwNxt is doing to help move the needle towards a sustainable future of fresh food and a more healthy way of living.
Read the interview.


Strategies for Societal Impact of Research

At GrwNxt we do research with societal impact. Deep learning technologies combined with plant science lead to a DDR™, dynamic digital recipe, for plants with higher amounts of protein, vitamins and useful minerals. Healthy diets start with focus on nutritious food components. Forget about bio-mass only: GrwNxt goes for radical innovation for a food revolution.
We were invited to present Strategies for Societal Impact of Research at the Impact Event of the Topsector Horticulture and Starting Materials at the World Horti Center (WHC) in Naaldwijk, 28 October 2021.


The Real New Thing

Deep Learning & Plant Science for DDR™ in Indoor Fresh Food Production

Recently GrwNxt published The Real New Thing: Deep Learning & Plant Science for DDR™ in Indoor Fresh Food Production. In this research we tested the application of deep learning technologies (AI, ML, IR) in combination with plant science to develop Dynamic Digital Recipes (DDR™) for a series of crops. The aim of this research is to find novel ways to optimize the amount of food components (vitamins, proteins and minerals) in fresh greens to stimulate a healthy diet for millions of people.


GrwNxt – Link Magazine

Recently Link Magazine published an article about GrwNxt. The article outlines why our current fresh food production system needs re-thinking, and describes in a comprehensive way how GrwNxt differentiates by taking an innovative, holistic approach towards ‘The Real New Thing’.

Read the article.


Webcast: Feeding Megacities With AI Grown Food, The Future…

For the webcast The Brand Called You (TBCY) Prof. dr. Annemieke Roobeek engaged in a conversation with Frits Bussemaker. See the webcast. 

TBCY engages in conversations with global leaders in sustainability to share their vision and explain how they are contributing to mitigating the adverse effects of climate change. This conversation centers around the fourth industrial revolution, leadership, innovation and the application of AI for Good at GrwNxt.